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NUCO’S Ricky Santos talk about our “Giving Back” program

NUCO’s Coconut Vinegars were recently featured in Wikia’s 2015 Food & Drink Trends predictor Article



A new unique product on the market is Coconut Vinegar, by NUCO, which will add a unique pop to your everyday vinaigrettes.

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Official Press Release for Our “Giving Back” Campaign:


Check Out This Article by Central Market Featuring NUCO Premium Liquid Coconut Oil for Sautéing:

Premium Liquid Coconut Oil for Sautéing

Premium Liquid Coconut Oil for Sautéing

“Perhaps it’s possible you could get a tasty tan from this coconut oil. But I don’t recommend trying. Instead use NuCo Coconut Oil, an inaugural Foodie Find, for your food-related browning needs.

You can feel good about using it because NuCo’s Coconut Oil is made from certified organic coconuts grown in the Philippines using sustainable harvesting methods. And as a bonus the oil also stays liquid at room temperature, which means it is easy to pour…”

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Our Feature in NewHope 360’s Article:

5 New Food Products Capitalizing on the Coconut Craze

“This crystal-clear coconut oil is the result of a proprietary, chemical-free processing method that removes most of the long-chain fatty acids, or “bad fats.” The leftover medium-chain fatty acids—the “good fats”—help the oil remain a liquid even in the refrigerator, according to the company. Consider the Garlic, Original and Lemon Herb flavors as healthy additions to salads and dips.”

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Our Vegetarian Coconut Milk Powder – Winner in the 2013 Clean Choice Awards:


Download the 2013 Clean Choice Awards Presentation here.


A Great Review of our Premium Liquid Coconut Oil at Julian Bakery’s Blog.


This is Dan from Primal4Life bringing you “Nuco Premium Liquid Coconut Oil.” Paleo just keeps getting easier and easier, especially when great products come out like this Nuco Premium Liquid Coconut Oil. Gone are the days of melting coconut oil to have a liquid coconut oil for a recipe…. Want garlic or lemon-herb infused coconut oil? Done…. Julian Bakery offers this fine non-GMO coconut oil through its Paleo section, where the best Paleo items can be had. And they just added this great coconut oil to their collection of Paleo products…. Nuco Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is organic and kosher, all-natural, gluten free, non-GMO, rich in medium chain fatty acids, and non-hydrogenated. And, it’s available in three flavors; Original, Garlic, and Lemon-Herb.

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Also a Great Review and Recipe of our Lemon Herb Premium Liquid Coconut Oil!

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Nuco wins an award at the Natural Foods Expo East 2012!