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NUCO’s Coconut Crunch Cereal – Anti-Inflammatory Trail Blazer

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January 21 , 2020 | Posted by Yasmin Santos | No Comments

NUCO’s Coconut Crunch Cereal – Anti-Inflammatory Trail Blazer

CALIFORNIA – NUCO’s new Coconut Crunch cereal breathes life into the stagnant cereal aisle’s endless line of sugar-laden, high-carbohydrate products.  Packed with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), this tasty new option is free of grains, gluten, refined carbohydrates and added sugars, making it a perfect anti-inflammatory breakfast cereal for consumers.  


Harvard Health’s Women’s Watch, published in June of 2014, links chronic inflammation to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease and recommends avoiding refined carbohydrates, sugar, fried foods, red meat and margarine as a way to reduce inflammation and disease. The article states that one of the most powerful tools to combat inflammation comes not from the pharmacy, but from the grocery store. “Many experimental studies have shown that components of foods or beverages may have anti-inflammatory effects,” says Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology in the department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.


And because one serving of Coconut Crunch cereal contains 10 net carbs, it’s perfect for those on a low-carbohydrate diet as a way to address weight loss, diabetes, and blood sugar issues.  The CDC estimates that 30 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and a low carbohydrate, high-fiber diet provides relief along with medication.


Coconut Crunch cereal is made with three simple, organic ingredients all from coconut: coconut water, coconut meat, and palm starch. NUCO’s Coconut Crunch cereal has no added sugar and is great for those on low-carb, Vegan and Paleo diets. One serving of NUCO Coconut Crunch cereal provides 160 calories, 8 grams of fiber, and 10 Net Carbs and 350 grams of potassium.


Satisfyingly crunchy and filling, NUCO’s Coconut Crunch cereal is great with milk or dairy-free milk for breakfast, or topped on smoothies, yogurt, and acai bowls. Be creative; the possibilities are endless!


NUCO is a farm-to-table brand sourcing sustainably and ethically grown organic coconuts and supporting Filipino coconut farmers engaged in fair business practices. A portion of NUCO’s profits go to social, economic and environmental projects in the Philippines. NUCO’s mission is giving back to Filipino farmers and their communities, while also supporting health and wellness by giving back to our bodies.

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