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Coconut Power Crunch – NUCO’s Innovative Answer to Plant Powered Snacking

NUCO - NucoconutNewsCoconut Power Crunch – NUCO’s Innovative Answer to Plant Powered Snacking



Coconut Power Crunch – NUCO’s Innovative Answer to Plant Powered Snacking

CALIFORNIA – NUCO’s Coconut Power Crunch is a fantastic new Grab n’ Go snack that’s perfect for those looking for a healthy and satisfying bite.   Available in cacao, mango and banana, this ground-breaking snack line is made with sustainably and ethically sourced organic coconuts and palm starch making Coconut Power Crunch the ultimate grain-free, no sugar added snack.  And it’s conveniently packaged so it’s ready to eat anytime or anywhere. This crunchy, plant-powered snack is becoming a fast favorite for those on Paleo, Vegan and Keto diets serving as an alternative to chips and crackers that tend to be higher in calories, carbohydrates and artificial ingredients.


Coconut Power Crunch is launching into Natural Grocers locations in January, 2020 and will also be available for purchase on shop.nucoconut.com, Amazon, and in select natural independent retailers in California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Utah, Idaho, New York, and Pennsylvania.


Enjoyed by kids and adults alike as a snack  between meals, to curb an afternoon craving, or as a topping for yogurt or ice cream, NUCO’s Coconut Power Crunch will certainly satisfy!


NUCO is a farm-to-table brand sourcing sustainably and ethically grown organic coconuts and supporting Filipino coconut farmers engaged in fair business practices. A portion of NUCO’s profits goes to social, economic and environmental projects in the Philippines. NUCO’s mission is giving back to Filipino farmers and their communities, while also supporting health and wellness by giving back to our bodies.

NUCO’s Coconut Power Crunch is now available on Amazon and select  local independent natural retailers. For more information checkout our Amazon shop http://tiny.cc/NUCOAmazon  or visit  https://shop.nucoconut.com/. Please follow us for the latest NUCO news on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cocobynuco/ and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cocobynuco/.

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