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We all love indulging ourselves in delicious, carb-rich foods, but it’s undeniable that the guilt that comes afterward is not a very good feeling. Though a lot of us genuinely want to switch to healthier eating habits, it’s challenging when the alternative food options are not as tasty. It’s even harder when they are hard to come by and are not easily accessible and affordable to us. This could make anyone rethink switching to a healthy diet and just keep eating those sugar-rich foods that are indulgent, easy to acquire, and cheap.

At least, those are the misconceptions that usually prevent most people from committing to a truly healthy and sustainable diet. The fact is, there are lots of healthy dishes that actually taste as good (dare I say even better?) as the less ideal options that you’re currently consuming now. This is why a lot of people who have switched to a vegan diet don’t regret their choice. Not only are they helping the environment and saving the animals, but they’re also enjoying their meals while taking care of their health.

On top of that, most of you will be surprised to find that it’s not actually that hard to find healthier alternatives in the market—a lot of them are available in grocery stores or online stores. In fact, Nuco has a range of organic, vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly food products that are super tasty and can be bought online and in your local health food stores for a cheap price. The main ingredient that Nuco uses is coconut, which is naturally gluten-free, grain-free, vegan. Who knew you can make a delicious alternative for tortilla wraps from coconuts?

If you’re hesitant to try their products because you don’t know how to use them, don’t worry because we made a list of foods that you can swap with Nuco products!


Coconut Wraps

Nuco Coconut Wrap is a very unique alternative to bread and tortillas! It’s suited for vegan, paleo, and keto diets. It’s also made with only three organic ingredients: coconut meat, coconut oil, and coconut water. And you get to have a variety because Nuco Coconut Wraps come in four flavors: original, turmeric, moringa, and cinnamon

  • Breakfast/lunch wraps
    Craving for a burrito? How about a quesadilla? Or perhaps, a chicken roll-up? You can use Nuco Coconut Wraps for all of those! Simply replace tortillas for Coconut Wraps and you can instantly have a meal that’s way healthier and yummier!
  • Tortilla salad
    Add some crunch to your salad by tossing some toasted Coconut Wrap strips in there. This Mexican-style recipe can really make salads more interesting!
  • Crepes and dessert roll-up
    Coconut Wraps can go from savory to sweet! Explore with some homemade crepes or go for a yummy dessert roll-up using Coconut Wraps, your choice of fruit, and some sweet syrup! 

Coconut Crunch

Nuco Coconut Crunch is a satisfying and delightfully crunchy gluten-free and grain-free cereal. Like the Coconut Wraps, it is also made with only three ingredients and is suited for vegan and paleo diets.

  • Cereal
    Switch out those sugary cereals that are definitely not suited for breakfast and use Coconut Crunch instead. Simply pair it with almond or coconut milk and enjoy!
  • Yogurt
    If you’re not in the mood for cereal, you can have yogurt instead! Top it with some Coconut Crunch and a few slices of your favorite fruit.
  • Cereal bars
    Instead of using your usual cereal, why not go for a healthier pastry by making Coconut Crunch cereal bars. Share it with your friends and watch them fall in love with it!
  • Salad
    It might seem unlikely and weird but you can absolutely use Coconut Crunch as a salad topping. It works just like regular croutons and adds texture to your salad. 

Vegan Coconut Mayo

Regular mayonnaise is very high in caloric content, frighteningly so. Why not switch to Coconut Mayo instead? It has no cholesterol and is suited for a vegan diet.

  • Sandwiches and salads
    When Nuco did a taste test, many people chose Coconut Mayo over regular mayo because it is more flavorful. Elevate your sandwiches and salads by using Coconut Mayo!
  • Pastries
    You might be thinking that it’s very weird and borderline disgusting to add Coconut Mayo to dessert, but actually, the key to moist and fluffy pastries is adding mayo to the batter!
  • Dips
    Use Coconut Mayo to make dips for vegetable sticks, chips, and other dishes! 

Coconut Cider Vinegar

This fresh alternative to Apple Cider Vinegar is wonderful for sauce-making, baking, and pickling. It is packed with so many nutrients that it is considered as a superfood and has milder acidic taste than ACV. It comes in five unique flavors so you can choose which one is for you.

  • Salad dressing
    Create the best dressing to spice up your salads using Coconut Cider Vinegar. With the fiber from vegetables and the probiotics in Coconut Cider Vinegar, it will surely be the best cure for any digestion issues!
  • Drink
    Try a little bit of Coconut Cider Vinegar to your favorite morning drink. Its contents help stimulate weight loss, neutralize stomach acid, and boost energy! 

With this list of alternative meal options, there are no more excuses that can prevent you from committing to a healthy diet. With Nuco striving to continue providing the market with healthy, environmentally-sustainable, and ethically-produced food products, our community on its journey to a better lifestyle!

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